Tax deductible donations are appreciated and can be sent to us at:

Winthrop Food Pantry
P.O. Box 82
Winthrop, ME 04364

We keep a stable inventory of foods that our recipients can rely on.  While this list does not represent all the items we provide, it does represent the items most likely to be in low supply.
Pancake mix  (water added only)
Broth, canned
Soup, canned
Peanut Butter
Baked beans

Every month we use:
400 packets of soup
290 cans of baked beans
290 cans of kidney beans
1,000+ granola bars
185 boxes of cold cereal
185 boxes of hot cereal
400 cans of fruit
270 cans of tomato products
165 jars of peanut butter
200 quarts of shelf-stable milk
960 cans of vegetables
400 cans of tuna/chicken
300 boxes of dry pasta
190 rolls of toilet paper
100 bottles of shampoo
100 bars of soap
100 tubes of toothpaste
250 boxes of macaroni and cheese
120 dozen eggs
500+ packages of frozen meat
1,000+ pounds of fresh produce

And much, much more…